Onzekerheid voor unithouders CATF duurt voort

De onzekerheid voor de unithouders CATF duurt voort. De bezittingen van het fonds gaan over in andere handen. Dat is zeker. BAUM is op 10-12-2020 ontheven van haar taak. Die taak is bar slecht uitgevoerd, dat is duidelijk. Het lijkt er sterk op dat er, van de in 2016 nog voorgespiegelde $ 207.000.000,– aan bezittingen (de plantages), weinig tot niets meer over is. SBUC hoort geen geluiden van de curator omtrent substantiele biedingen op de plantages in Costa Rica. Wel veel geruchten uit Costa Rica. Het meest onluisterende gerucht beschrijft de massale kap van de nog niet 100% oogstrijpe bomen in 2019. “Iemand” lijkt er met “de buit” (onze bomen!) vandoor te zijn. Dat is wel duidelijk. Voor de curator is e.e.a. kennelijk een zware kluif. Na 10-12-2020 liet hij taal nog teken van zich horen richting de unithouders. Een ongekende situatie. Participanten hebben in de ogen van SBUC recht op informatie. SBUC heeft daar in een tweetal contactmomenten met de curator ook op aangedrongen. De curator beschikt immers over de website van het fonds. (www.catf.lu) Maar aan www.catf.lu is na 25 maart van dit jaar niets meer aan gedaan. SBUC heeft momenteel weinig illusies meer omtrent resterende waarde voor unithouders. Het fonds is gewoon leeggetrokken. De redeemers blijken achteraf de gelukkigen te zijn. Zij hebben nog iets (28%) ontvangen. Maar wie is verantwoordelijk? Gaat de curator dat uitzoeken? SBUC vreest sterk van niet. Mogelijk moeten we het boek Terra Vitalis en CATF binnenkort definitief sluiten. SBUC houdt u op de hoogte, zo gauw er nieuws is. Zie daarvoor de rubriek “nieuws”.

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  1. 102105 schreef:

    Wat gaat de SBUC ondernemen om de belangen van de Unithouders te behartigen en deze door de Liquidator gelegaliseerde diefstal tegen te houden?

  2. 102105 schreef:

    Rukavina Avocats
    Mr. Alain RUKAVINA rukavina@lawyer.lu
    Mr. Azadeh AZIZI azizi@lawyer.lu

    9, rue Pierre d’Aspelt
    L-1142 Luxembourg
    BP 456 L-2014 Luxembourg

    ______________, ___ July 2021

    Amongst myself a number of smaller and larger very concerned CATF participants are addressing you with suspicions of a doubtful nature concerning what has been going on around CATF since 2016.

    The reasons for this letter are many and they will be clarified and explained to you further on in this letter. The main reason, however, is that research from public sources has shown that we have the impression that the “rescue initiative” submitted by Graas Management has not been sufficiently assessed on its merits and it has the likelyhood of a pre-meditated hostile takeover and rip-off of a large number of smaller investors (participants) in CATF. Because to the large number of victims involved it becomes a public case and a public responsibility to take the right measures and decisions.

    Graas management (https://graasmanagement.com/ ) is an investment/investment company located in the city of Vaduz of the tax heaven Lichtenstein. Graas Management’s current website is suspiciously similar in content to CATF’s, and if you read between the lines, you can see that in fact, an investment product (https://graasmanagement.com/our_investments) has been and is being offered in teak plantations for quite some time, while it seems very strange to CATF participants that they would have the rights to sell any of CATF. There has never been any announcement made by BAUM management that this situation even exists. They also boast with ARC Forestry management company (yes indeed the company one who used to be responsible for the CATF plantations). Graas management is led by Maksim Kunakovski and is also a business partner of Robert van Kuijk at Finless Capital (https://finlescapital.com/team?).

    Observations of Kunakovski’s actions:
    – ARC Management (forestry company for CATF) is purchased from a company owned by Bas Dijkman CS. With ownership of ARC, Kunakovski has all the management information and all asset knowledge of the plantations in his hands. Kunakovski can now send -perhaps fake- invoices to the fund CATF (i.e. the unitholders). Invoices which are then neither verified nor disputed by BAUM as part of the seemingly pre-organized setup. This allows Kunakovski to build up and possibly inflate his creditor’s position in the fund. Payments are failed by CATF, ARC then fails to meet its payment obligations of, among other things, local taxes, wages, lease of the land, etc. As a consequence, Arc’s creditors (actually Kunakovski’s creditors) then could wrongly knock on the CATF fund’s door. The CATF unitholders are left with a created debt.

    – Kunakovski apparently approaches Evren Sukru as (interim) director of Bondhouse & Durham (Evergrun is related to the AMS Financial group, Circle partners, and has interests in various tax heavens as for instance the Cayman Islands, see his website) to take over the loans that CATF has drawn from Bondhouse & Durham. This loan of around € 10 -11 Million has been transferred to Kunakovski at a fraction of the actual value and as a side catch, Kunakovski receives a large number of units in the CATF fund. The transfer of this loan is outside the law as it does not have the required permission. Kunakovski in his turn will seek to recover the full amount of the loan from the CATF Fund, including the artificially created increases as interest and costs, from the CATF fund. But here too there is a connection of Dijkman cs via Darion to Bondhouse & Durham. So basically it was a loan from yourself to yourself paid for by CATF participants and now used as leveraging crowbar by Kunakovski to grab CATF and it’s assets. Where there is smoke, there is fire and it is not without a reason that the Dutch AFM and FIOD have initiated investigations into these teak-investments.

    – Baum Management (management company for CATF) is bought by Kunakovski “unseen” and without book research for only € 80,000 from the bankruptcy of Glenmore & Waldorf (G&W= holding company of Dijkman, Kloezen etc.) The curator in this, Daniel Sjouke from Amsterdam, wishes to get rid of it easily and does not allow any counter-bids, nor does he have an eye for the social aspect of for instance the employees in Costa Rica nor for the interests of the unit holders. Sjouke sells without knowing what misery he causes for the participants of CATF, BAUM Management to Kunakovski. In accordance with the management agreement with the CATF fund, BAUM is entitled to a high annual management fee. So these millions in fees are now being collected by Kunakovski. Through the purchase of both ARC and Baum, Kunakovski has extensive inside information and controls both CATF’s forestry and financial affairs.

    – In the aftermath of the management by Dijkman, Kloezen, Learbuch, Blommenstein, Joyce and Hennie Stevens and so on, a substantial area of teak wood has been felled and sold. The proceeds were intended to be used for replanting, paying redemptions, paying suppliers, employees and paying off the loan. The funds were never spent properly and never ended up in the right place. So where are they?

    – On top of that, a large area of CATF teak wood was felled unauthorized and sold on instruction from a certain Mr. Learbuch. However, the proceeds seem to be missing. Where are they?

    – It has come to our attention that substantial amounts of money from the CATF fund have been transferred to non-lawful bank accounts in Luxembourg. Who authorized and who is the beneficiairy?

    Conclusion: Following the bankruptcy of Darion, Bondhouse & Durham but especially that of Glenmore & Waldorf due to mismanagement and a very extra-generous self-overestimating lifestyle and ditto cost pattern, this has resulted in a cascade of successive misery resulting in that we as unit holders ultimately lose our investments. Our hard earned money! Dijkman c.s see their large income streams disappear and we suspect that they have initiated a plan to get their hands on the CATF fund in a devious way, with at first probably straw man Maksim Kunakovski. Prior to all the bankruptcies, there is the rumor that Dijkman travelled several times to the British Virgin Islands. Not far from Curacao where he was for and at CATF’s expense. The B.V. Islands are a well-known place for tax evasion and the housing of illegally obtained funds.

    For the benefit of Dijkman’s own plans, various healthy attempts initiated by the SAC to keep CATF viable were structurally sabotaged by Dijkman cs. Questions not answered, information withheld, disinformation provided, administration not in order, CATF annual reports not approved. Except indecent and disrespectful to the long term investors, an economic and criminal offence.

    At first, orchestrated by Bas Dijkman, Maksim Kunakovski was brought in. Initially as an investor or the saviour of CATF, but at the moment it has the likelyhood that the true intentions of Kunakovski come to the surface and Kunakovski most likely sees his chance to sideline Dijkman and capture effortless the entire CATF fund. An action that looks suspiciously like legalized theft and a typical Russian tactic in hostile corporate takeovers. Njet! Нет, мы не можем этого допустить! We cannot let this happen.

    In the meantime, Baum management had appointed a new organization to give a value assessment (valuation) regarding CATF’s plantations. This is very much in contrast to the by EY approved discounted cash flow methodology which has been used for many years with a subsequent N.A.V. (nett asset value). The ultimately far too high management fee for BAUM was calculated as a percentage of the N.A.V., draining the CATF fund and thus the participants/unitholders. You should not be surprised that much of the CATF value has evaporated over time and ended up in the wrong pockets. In other words, on one side the lower value of the fund (reduced on Dijkman’s initiative), versus on the other side the artificially high debts to ARC(=Kunakovski) and the amount of the loan increased with costs and interest thereof (=Kunakovski) come so close together that with a flick of the finger, Kunakovski is able get his hands on the entire fund nearly for free.

    Kunakovski’s plans, which ended up with the you in Luxembourg, Mr. Rukavina, are to say, very dubious in nature. In any case, it seems that the interests of the smaller participants in CATF does not count. Honest hard working people that now see their retirement disappear into the pockets of a pack of predators similar to the “Wolff of Wallstreet” or should I say “Bear of Borussia”. Something that should have been prevented.

    Also recently the following contradictionary has come to our attention. Mr. Huizinga from the Expomaderas plantation refuses to cooperate with Hout Herstel bv, specifically claims not to be willing to coöperate with any of the parties, including Graas management. Now annouces to have made a very lucrative deal with Graas management. This fact alone should be more than enough reason for you as honorable liquidator to initiate further investigations into the ligitimacy of the underlaying agreement between Kunakovski and Huizinga since this has created an uneven playing field, which by law is not allowed.
    Ofcourse not forbidden, but it strikes our attention that Mr. Kunakovski has on several occasions been spotted from the public road at the private house of Mr. Bas Dijkman, Utrechtseweg 74, 1213 TX Hilversum. Also last Monday, July 19, shortly after the announcement of your decision. Coincidence?

    Seems to me that you don’t even have to be a conspiracy theorist to question this course of developments around CATF, there are just too many remarkable coincidences! Or is it a predetermined plan?

    Kindly awaiting your prompt and honest answer.
    Another concerned CATF unitholder

    Handtekening: ____________________________________________

    Naam: ____________________________________________
    Adres: ____________________________________________
    PC en Plaats: ________ _________________________________
    Telefoon: ____________________________________________
    Email: ____________________________________________
    Unitholder ID: ____________________________________________
    Eventueel aantal units dat u heeft: _________________________

  3. 102105 schreef:

    Geachte Collega participanten,

    Vanuit de voormalige SAC is in samenwerking met enkele participanten, geheel onbaatzuchtig, extreem veel werk verzet om een CATF reddingspoging te realiseren. Dit is gedaan door een nederlandse BV op te richten (Hout Herstel bv) die op haar beurt een bod uit heeft gebracht bij Rukavina (Liquidator) om de CATF assets voor gelegaliseerde diefstal te behoeden. Helaas is deze poging gestrand en is door de liquidator in Luxemburg het gehele fonds aan een rus, Maksim Kunakovski, met zijn in het belastingparadijs gevestigde Graas management gegund. Ondanks dat het bod van Hout Herstel bv zeer significant boven dat van Graas management uitkwam, is toch Graas oneigenlijk met de buit gaan lopen. Een van de voorwaarden van de gunning was het acoord van de Expomaderas plantage eigenaar dhr. Huizinga betreffende de wisseling van de wacht. De advokaat van Huizinga heeft laten weten met geen enkele partij, dus zowel niet Hout Herstel bv, als Graas management, tot een accoord te willen komen en wilde vasthouden aan een met Baum gemaakte afspraak. Na het bekend worden van de beslissing van Rukavina, is duidelijk geworden dat wellicht het vermeoden daar is dat door Kunakovski met dhr Huizinga van de Expomaderas plantage een voor Huizinga zeer lucratieve onderlinge afspraak is gemaakt om zo Hout Herstel oneigenlijk buiten spel te zetten. Een ongelijk speelveld dus. Wat nu te doen? In feite zouden zoveel mogelijk unithouders op uiterst korte termijn (Lees deze week) een brief naar Rukavina moeten sturen waarin de gang van zaken wordt weergegeven en de onvrede geuit wordt. Een engelstalige voorbeeld text vind u hieronder. Uiteraard staat het een ieder vrij om daar zijn persoonlijke bevindigen aan toe te voegen. Mocht overigens Kunakovski met een inleg voorstel komen voor de articipanten, dan zou ik dit zeer grondig bestuderen alvorens erop in te gaan. Tenslotte hebben we al betaald voor onze bezittingen. Misschien anders nog een contact zoeken met Bureau Fraude recht & geldzaken http://www.frauderechtengeldzaken.nl/content/bureau-fraude-recht-geldzaken.

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